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Summer activities
Classic Ski School Harrachov

Classic ski school offers an active summer nad winter vacation in mountains. We have prepared wide range of adrenalin and less demanding sports together with a combination of discovering beautiful and interesting surroundings. Experienced instructors will guide you through the mountains walking, biking (for challenging clients we can challenging ride), rafting, you can touch the sky on rocks and at last in our 14m high rope center you will push your limits! As soon as you catch the breath there is a lot of trips to nearby neighbourhood waiting for you. You will visit chatteaus, castles, ruins, natural interests, historical towns, Safari etc.


Rope centre

The best rope district in the Czech Republic. It is created by the system of unusual components (paths) built out of ropes timbers and wooden pales in the height of 6-12m above ground. For courageus dashers seeking unique experience is a 15m high wire rope way is prepared. You will experience the real adventure supervised by proffesional instructors.

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Big swing

We put you into a special harness and lift you up to a height of about 10 metres with lifting equipment. You then have to release yourself and enjoy a few metres of freefall, g-force and weightlessness. All of this under the supervision of trained instructors and with an emphasis on maximum safety.

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Modern entertainment for wide range of population. You can experience peaceful rafting trip with family or friends as well as extreme rafting (only in spring time due to sufficient water level in the river).

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One of the best ways to explore mountains is from the bike saddle. It is up to you to choose between a whole day trip or rough downhills and uphills together with fair amount of adrenalin.

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We offer basic climbing training in Harrachov’s natural wall at lower difficulty levels 3-4. We can also guide skilled cliftsmen on paths and walls of the Bohemian Paradise.

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Where all other means of hiking ends the narrow footpaths just right for mountain trekking begin. We will take you to the places you thought exist only in books and on pictures ...

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A new golf district was founded in Harrachov. Sport of upper class is gaining more nad more fans among all society levels. Learn how to play golf now, at a time of its biggest boom and at reasonable conditions. We will be happy to helpand show you how to begin!

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